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27 December 2022

What is an amorphous stator?

An amorphous stator is a type of stator, or stationary part, found in electric motors and generators. It is made from amorphous metal, which is a type of metallic glass that has a disordered, non-crystalline structure. This gives it a number of unique properties that make it suitable for use in electric motors and generators. One of the main advantages of amorphous metal is its low coefficient of thermal expansion

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26 December 2022

The Characteristics and Properties of Amorphous C Cores

An amorphous C core, also known as an amorphous core or amorphous C-type core, is a type of transformer core made from an amorphous material. Amorphous materials are non-crystalline solids that do not have a regular, repeating atomic structure like crystalline materials. Instead, their atoms are arranged in a disordered, random arrangement. Amorphous C cores are made from a thin strip of amorphous material that is

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12 December 2022

How Nanocrystalline Materials are Produced and Their Unique Properties?

Nanocrystalline materials are materials that are composed of nanoscale-sized crystals. They are produced through a variety of methods, including mechanical grinding, high-energy ball milling, and electrodeposition. One common method of producing nanocrystalline materials is mechanical grinding, also known as ball milling. In this process, a bulk material is ground into a fine powder using a high-energy ball mill.

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05 December 2022

The Applications of Powder Cores in Inductors, Chokes, and Other Devices

Powder cores are a type of component used in the manufacturing of transformers and other electrical devices. They are made from a mixture of iron oxide and other materials, such as silicon dioxide or aluminum oxide, and are used to create the magnetic core of a transformer. Powder cores are produced through a process called powder metallurgy, in which the iron oxide and other materials are ground into a fine powde

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22 November 2022

The difference between amorphous powder core and high-efficiency amorphous powder core

Features and uses of amorphous powder core: 1. Features: Excellent DC superposition characteristics high magnetic flux density Low high frequency loss low cost 2. Purpose: High-power power supply AC output reactor PFC choke coil flyback transformer differential mode filter Temperature stabilization filter Features and uses of high-efficiency amorphous powder core: 1. Features: good temperature stabi

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