What is a magnetic core?

What is a magnetic core?

What is a magnetic core?
Magnetic core: Magnetic core refers to a sintered magnetic metal oxide composed of various iron oxide mixtures. For example, manganese-zinc ferrite and nickel-zinc ferrite are typical magnetic core materials. Manganese-zinc ferrite has the characteristics of high magnetic permeability and high magnetic flux density, and has the characteristics of low loss. Nickel-zinc ferrite has the characteristics of extremely high resistivity and low permeability of less than a few hundred. Ferrite cores are used in coils and transformers of various electronic devices.
The origin of the magnetic core
American physicist Wang An put forward the idea of ​​using magnetic materials to make memory in 1950. Forrest turned this idea into reality. In order to achieve magnetic core storage, Forrest needs a substance, which should have a very clear magnetization threshold. He found an old German ceramic expert from a company that produces ferrite converters for TV sets in New Jersey, and obtained specific magnetic properties by melting iron ore and oxides.

A clear threshold for magnetization is the key to design. The grid and core of this kind of wire are woven on the wire net and are called core storage. Its related patents are very important to the development of computers. This solution is reliable and stable. Magnetization is relatively permanent, so the stored data will remain after the system's power is turned off. Since the magnetic field can be read at the speed of electrons, this makes interactive computing possible. Furthermore, because it is a wire grid, any part of the storage array can be accessed, that is to say, different data can be stored in different locations on the wire network, and reading a bunch of bits at the location can be accessed immediately. This is called Random Access Memory (RAM), which is an innovative concept of interactive computing. Forrester transferred these patents to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the college receives between 15 million and 20 million U.S. dollars each year on these patents.

The first to obtain these patent licenses was IBM, and IBM finally won a commercial contract for the installation of the Tornado on the defense military base in North America. More importantly, since the 1950s, all large and medium-sized computers have also adopted this system. Magnetic core storage has been the standard method of computer main memory from the 1950s and 1960s until the early 1970s.

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