Understand the characteristics of nanocrystalline cores.

Understand the characteristics of nanocrystalline cores.

The nanocrystalline core has high magnetic permeability, and the nanocrystalline alloy has the characteristics of high saturation magnetic induction and good stability, and the material becomes brittle after heat treatment and is easy to be processed into alloy powder. It is possible to use the alloy powder to make a new type of ultra-microcrystalline magnetic powder core. At the same time, compared with the nanocrystalline core wound with tape, the magnetic permeability of the nanocrystalline core is still very low, and the soft magnetic performance is unstable. 

Application areas of nano magnetic cores.

The noise of nano-magnetic core is mainly the source of circuit interference, in many power electronic devices. Various filter components must be used to reduce noise. Magnetic powder cores play a key role in the filter as the main component of the differential mode inductance. In order to obtain a better filtering effect, the magnetic powder core material is required to have the following performance characteristics: high saturation magnetic induction, wide constant permeability characteristics, good frequency characteristics, good AC and DC superimposition characteristics and low loss characteristics. In response to the above requirements, we have successively developed iron powder cores, notched amorphous alloy iron cores, iron-nickel aluminum powder cores (MPP powder cores) and other soft magnetic materials for inductors. These materials have exerted their respective advantages and advantages under different application conditions. effect.

Currently, UP powder cores occupies a major share in the high-end market. However, due to the complex powder core manufacturing process of nanocrystalline cores and the high price of raw materials, the price of powder cores remains high and the scope of application is subject to certain restrictions. In recent years, iron-based nanocrystalline cores have attracted much attention due to their low price, simple preparation process, and excellent performance. Research on them is quite active. It is expected to replace the partial use of UP powder cores and be applied in the high-frequency field. 

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