The practical application of iron powder core

The practical application of iron powder core

Iron powder core is a popular term for magnetic material Fe3O4, which is mainly used to solve electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems in electrical circuits. In practical application, different kinds of other substances will be added according to different requirements for filtering in different bands.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) refers to the clutter generated by various reasons in the electrical circuit. These clutters not only harm the normal operation of the electrical circuit, but also harm the human body to a certain extent. Therefore, countries (especially the European Union) have various regulations on this, namely electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

The clutter on the wire mainly solves its EMC problem through the magnetic core. When a certain band of clutter passes through the core, the electromagnetic characteristics of the core cause the current in this band to be converted into magnetic force and part of the heat which is consumed. To achieve the purpose of reducing clutter.

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