Several problems easily encountered in the production of nanocrystalline

Several problems easily encountered in the production of nanocrystalline

Many people don't know what problems will be encountered in the production of nanocrystalline, let me explain for everyone.


1. Brittleness

The brittleness of the nanocrystalline iron core is mainly reflected in the slag drop of the iron core, which is the biggest problem reported by users. It is not only a headache for installation and operation, but also easily causes a hidden danger of short circuit to the circuit. After years of practice and research, the brittleness problem has been greatly improved by adjusting the composition and process. After the composition is adjusted, the flexibility of the strip is significantly improved. The thinning of the strip thickness also reduces brittleness. In addition, in the process of manufacturing the iron core, the iron core is impregnated with stress-free glue, so that the iron core is not easily broken, and the brittleness of the iron core slag drop is completely solved. At the same time, because the stress-free adhesive fixes the gap between the layers of the iron core strip, it is not easy to resonate, and the generation of noise is reduced.

2. Consistency issues

Consistency is related to the scale of production and the capacity of production equipment. From the perspective of the quality of the strip, a 500 kg production equipment and a 50 kg production equipment will also produce 500 kg strips. Obviously, the former product has better consistency in composition and magnetic properties than the latter. The same is true for the heat treatment in the production process. Therefore, large production scale and large production equipment capacity are beneficial to consistency.

The consistency of nanocrystalline in user use is mainly manifested in the large dispersion of saturation voltage and inductance, sometimes more than double the difference. The main reason is that the effect of magnetic field heat treatment is poor, and there is no classification screening in production inspection. With the adjustment of the components used in the power transformer, not only the brittleness is improved, but also the residual magnetic induction intensity of the material is reduced. Therefore, the effect of the magnetic field heat treatment is increased, and the saturation voltage of the iron core is increased, which plays an important role in the consistency of the product. .

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