Application of New nanocrystalline in Green Chemistry

Application of New nanocrystalline in Green Chemistry

At present, on the basis of the maturity of synthesis technology and the continuous enrichment of nanocrystalline, the catalysis process of the shape of the flakes of particles is inherently related to the shape, combination, element distribution and other factors of the catalyst. As a nanocatalyst adsorption. Another young subject is currently an important scientific research direction. Nanocrystalline have the advantages of size, shape, single crystal plane, element distribution, etc., as well as some special physical and chemical properties. To clarify the structure-activity relationship and design the catalyst, and systematically study the performance of catalysis is the current research hotspot in the field of heterogeneous catalysis.


The paper "The Application of New nanocrystalline Materials in the Green Application of Chemistry" co-authored by Academician Li Yadong of the Department of Chemistry of Tsinghua Hua Nanocrystalline materials represented by metal oxides diffuse in the environment or surroundings, and the basic research and exploration of catalysis in the four fields of relationship synthesis. Focus on the latest research on the performance of nano-catalysts in catalytic reactions. Progress, the future development trend of artificial atomic materials in the future. To make it possible to understand catalysts at the atomic level, we also provide certainty for the design of new basic catalysts.

For example, the establishment of a new strategy of regular dissolution method of alloy nanocrystalline, the development of controllable chemical trends, the first use of nanocrystal defects to realize the synthesis of three-metal nanocrystals, which can effectively control biology. In addition, a new strategy for the preparation of single-atom layer two-dimensional metal structure nanocrystals was established, and the first example of single-atom-layer thickness nano-metal titanium metal sheet was successfully prepared, and new offshore chemical domain bonds were discovered to stabilize its monolayer. Metal structure. And to study its special catalytic performance has important theoretical significance and application value.

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