The noise problem of nanocrystalline in the process of application

The noise problem of nanocrystalline in the process of application

When nanocrystalline materials reach the destination power source, noise problems have already appeared, which has affected the promotion to a certain extent and has attracted attention. Reasons for important aspects of the formation of noise influence:


1. Causes of magnetic trouble in material manufacturing

The magnetostriction coefficient of ferrite material is relatively large, although the ferrite core is solid, noise may also occur during use. A general alloy composition, so the problem of manufacturing is more prominent. With the different applications, more and more deep, different alloy compositions are used for the purpose and for different special requirements. Power output transistors, current transformers, common-mode inductors, etc., all have dedicated components. Adjust the alloy composition according to the requirements of power development, and reduce the magnetostriction coefficient. The user has proved that the noise problem has been greatly reduced.

2. Reasons for the tightness of iron core investment

This has a lot to do with the quality of the strips used. The uneven size and thickness of the strips cause the iron core to not be tight, and it is easy to produce noise. After adjusting the composition, the molten steel has good fluidity and the molding quality of the filter belt material. To a certain extent, it provides a convenient guarantee for reducing iron core noise.

3. Issues in the application area

The large catalyst component in the circuit causes the working magnetic induction of the iron core and causes noise. Our experiment has improved the noise with the increase of working magnetic induction, which is greatly improved. The core has no noise problems.

Through the above improvements, the noise problem of nanocrystalline has basically been solved.

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